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The new Facebook Messenger for windows [Review]

March 11, 2012

I just downloaded and tried the new Facebook messenger. It has some cool features, some not so cool features. Read On.

The Good

  1. Your ticker is now everywhere


    You can dock the messenger to the right of the screen just as the ticker sits on to the right of the Facebook screen. As you can see in the above image the messenger is on to the right. This messenger resizes other windows just like the windows gadget panels. Now you can stalk your friends every time even when you are not using Facebook, or even surfing. All you need is an internet connection.

  2. Notifications, friend requests and messages are now everywhere

    You get notifications,friends requests and messages above the ticker. Clicking on any of them will drop down a menu, just like the web version.

  3. Message anyone for the messenger

    You can message anyone from the messenger just as you do in the web version. Search him from below the chat, click his name. <pop up opens saying that he is not online,> <you curse it because you know that,> you type the message <enter>

  4. Pop-ups for new notifications

    You get pop-up for every new notification. That’s a nice feature. Although it can worse if you get a lot of notifications. But still a welcome feature. notificaton-pop-up-facebook-messenger

The Bad

  1. The Clicks on ticker and else where would open your browser

    This includes the ticker, friend requests, messages, notification and the profile link at the top right.

    They could have had added these through a pop up, at least the ticker, as they have done with the web. But I guess they want to increase the user time on their web version hence a messenger that lest you track your and your friends’ activity everywhere but in order to contribute or engage you need to go back to the web version. But this is annoying.

  2. You can not select whom to stay invisible


    The Left one is Facebook Messenger, Right one is web version.

    Yes, you don’t get the ‘advance settings’ that you can access by clicking on the options button on the web from where you can select you visibility options.facebook-web-version-advance-chat-settings

  3. No Pop-ups for chat

    The pop-ups that you get for Gtalk or Yahoo! Messenger are absent here. A big disappointment considering that you get pop-ups for notifications.

  4. As I am using dial up, the profile images for some friends did not load.

    Not an issue though.

The Ugly

There is nothing ugly in it. You’ll love it.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: Overall a decent windows software. I always wanted a messenger to chat with my Facebook friends without having to visit the website and all other services including Skype’s Facebook connect didn’t work as I wanted. This one just did the magic. Must Download and Use. Recommended highly, especially for STALKERS.

Download link:Facebook messenger

Its not available for Linux. :( Mac users wait for sometime its in the pipeline.

Update: One feature that is missing is the ability to stay invisible as in Yahoo Messenger, Skype and ohers but it depends on you how you look at it as Google Chat also does not offer to stay invisible.

When you close facebook chat it stays iny our tray and notifies of the new notifications and messages.


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