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How to use twitter effectively–a noob’s guide

April 28, 2012

I had previously quit Facebook but owing to my addiction to social networking I couldn’t stay away from one. Thus I thought of experimenting with . Hence I created a new twitter account and the rest is what follows and unfollows!! :P

Below I’ll share what I observed and learnt in the last couple of days.

Twitter is a ghost town!! There is no activity in it!!

Yes you read it right. Twitter does not have any activity in it. It is boring and is nothing like . This is what I felt when I first opened my Twitter account in 2009. I was not having a ‘all time’ internet connection, didn’t know whom to follow, heck "I thought “why to follow?” When I look back I feel I was very naïve. The fault was with me and not with twitter. All this sounds somewhat familiar? Replace Twitter with Plus and voila!

Present day

Having quit Facebook I thought of trying my hands on twitter back again. This time I knew what the mechanism was, what i and how to use it. The important task was to use it properly and effectively.

Keep following and don’t worry about the followers (your and well as others’.) Keep tweeting and don’t worry about retweets.

Yes, the above words seem to be taken from Bhagwad Gita. They are true and perfectly apply to twitter.

Following like washing.

You soak, wash and rinse. You follow, see the tweets in your timeline, if they are good no problem, if not, you unfollow. One important point to note is that you don’t always need to follow someone with large followers or someone who is well established on twitter. For example, I don’t follow @GulPanag. She is THE celebrity to follow on twitter and is a Veteran Twitter user but still her tweets are not my type. So I unfollowed her. You get the point?

Followers count should not be considered in order to follow someone.

What matters is not the follower count but the quality of tweets. Same holds true for retweets.

To Follow Back or Not to?

There are many people who follow you so that you follow them back. But should you follow them back? Your Timeline is any important area of your screen. TL is the thing that you use the most. Thus I personally feel only tweets that satisfy your requirements or needs should enter your timeline. Thus if the person following you tweets ‘interestingly’ then follow back else don’t. Don’t worry if he unfollows you. If you are tweeting good you’ll find followers over a period of time.

What to tweet?

After following a dozen or scores of like minded people, companies or blogs. Next comes what to tweet? Tweet like what you feel. Don’t tweet for the sake of tweeting. Tweet what you feel and want to say or express.

There is a saying knowledge increases when spread (Gyan baatne se badhta hain.) Thus share knowledge that you have. (But remember to stick to what you say.) Share the links you find interesting your niche, if any. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t copy without metioning the source. I remember I unfollowed someone with 5k+ followers because his tweets were not what his linkedin profile claimed to be and many many of his tweets were lifted from websites. Be original.

One important thing to remember is don’t tweet manically. It can flood someone’s timeline.

Indian bloggers don’t give much importance to Twitter

Yeah many Indian bloggers with millions of page views don’t have many followers. Either they are not interested in twitter or they are doing it wrong or a more suitable reason can be Indians are not using Twitter.

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