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Changing my Online and Social Networking Strategy

May 17, 2012

Firstly, yes there is a strategy on it too. Even you must be having one, everyone has one. Previously I had deactivated my Facebook account, and now I have reactivated it. Reactivated it so that I can get some eyeballs on my blog posts. But the noise in my news feeds has forced me to rethink my decision. Hence I have decided to change my Social Networking Strategy.


Use as a tool to interact with my current existing friends and the non-tech people.

  • I am tired of skipping to updates from people that I don’t know. Heck I don’t even know when I added them. But more importantly their updates don’t interest me.
  • I am tired of skipping updates from fan pages. Moreover I already know about the important ones from hence I would unlike most of the fan pages.
  • My target is to bring my current friend list down from 374 to 198 (a drop of 48%) and fan pages down from 477 to 172 (a sharp 63% decrease.) Hence I would like to apologize to the people whom I would unfriend.
  • Although this would not decrease the updates such as those of my friend commenting on his friend’s status that I cant comment or like, or a photo of his friend that is irrelevant to me but it would greatly decrease the noise in my news feed. Or when someone goes on a link posting spree on all the groups that he is a member of.
  • Unlike the fan pages of blog that are owned by my friends, they already share their links in their updates, and fan page would duplicate the links.

What about the new friend requests?

I would accept them if the profile and updates are good otherwise convert those requests into subscribers.


  • Use it as a news aggregator as every thing fits beautifully in 140 characters.
  • Update with my tech opinions over there as most of my people on Facebook don’t ask for them.

Isn’t it KISS?

Nothing much. You can follow me @rahulpandeyc


I believe that it is a better product than Facebook and will slowly gain traction, after all it does not matter who gets there first [750+million users] but what matters is who gets it right (by @jack.) Hence I would not like to miss it out. Moreover it does not have the noise that Facebook pushes on me.

  • Update about tech and everything that is updated on Facebook.
  • Google Plus will be the super set of my updates.


Blogs that I would be maintaining:

  • My PSW Musings – – My Personal and Humor blog (would try to put at least 2 blog posts every month.)
  • Techfrolic – or – My Tech blog where I would talk about various stuffs tech.
  • Hack-a-Path – – My computing dairy online, I’d talk about my current, future, past projects and anything that my Googler Alter Ego would find.
  • a Tumblr blog where I’d write about quotes that I’d come across the books that I read and book reviews but I haven’t started it yet.

My other Social Profiles

LinkedIn – – add me over there. (updates would go parallel to Hack-a-path.

Pinterest – – I’d try to upload at least one original pin every week.

Quora –

GoodReads – – List of all the books I have read, am reading , that are to be read.

About Me –

Google Picasa: – the Shutterbug me.

Google Plus –

Facebook: –

Twitter –

My PSW Musings fan page –

That’s All Folks!!

PS. the blogs are under development (the widgets, theme, designs, and pages. The content is up and published) Will begin work after my exams finish (after 23rd of April this year ;)) or ‘rather finish me’.

  1. Renard Moreau permalink

    [ Smiles ] I found your blog to be most interesting; I enjoyed it!

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